Price far above rubies...

As I have already said, I have been studying the passage from Titus to really examine what a woman is and who I should be. When doing such a study, of course I have been making much reference to the Proverbs 31 woman. Virtuous woman she is called. Is that me? I have been examining myself hard. I want to be my best for God first. But also for my family, and others around me. I want to be used. I want to shine for Christ.

I have been using a woman's study from James Knox. I highly recommend it. It's how to be a holy woman. One lesson I just finished was comparing the Proverbs 31 woman and her qualities with my own. Where do I fall? Where can I improve? I was supposed to grade myself (A-F) but I found that difficult. Compared to God, I fall short in all areas. So instead I focused on where I can improve. I would like to share this with you. Why? I find it so encouraging when other people share their faults because I know I am not alone. I find strength to get up and try again because I know that "so and so" who I thought had it all together, is also struggling with "such and such". So I pray this encourages you.

What quality does a Proverbs 31 woman possess and how can I work on it?
1.She does not evil: Even though I have changed many things in my life, I have to remember it all comes down to the heart. . If I am laughing at a joke that is inappropriate, or watching something that I would never watch in the presence of Christ, where is my heart? I have been catching myself so much more. Being convicted about things I never even thought of before. So I thank God that he is working on me. But I want more. I want to hate sin as God does.

2.She works hard: I simply need to move around more sometimes. I get in a rut of being bored. Taking care of the girls and just tired of routine. And therefore I sit around during nap time (which is NOT always a bad thing) or I will stick a video in because I just don't want to deal with playing with the girls. (Help me out. Am I the only one out there that does this????) Or the best one. I don't feel like folding the laundry... days later, maybe it's about time??

3. She's a good cook: OK, I may be way off my rocker here, but verse 14 says, "...she bringeth her food from afar." I am probably pulling something out of here that is not there. But it got me thinking. I really could be more creative with cooking. And to add to this, Peter told me for the first time EVER that he was tired of a certain meal. So get out the recipe books.

4. She rises early: Nothing makes my day better then getting up early, having my quiet time with the Lord and even getting some other project done before the girls wake. And they are up by 7am!

5. She is a good steward: I struggle here. I know that I could do better with our money and God has shown me that in the last month. Thankfully, I have a husband that is very wise with money.

6.She is a good Housekeeper: I try. Dirty floors, dirty dishes before bed, and a carpet that is full of cat hair are not allowed in the house. Although, I fail at times. I have tried to balance it though. I used to ignore Samantha to do housework. But I only get to be with her for 18 or so short years. And then she is off. Who cares if I didn't clean the bathroom 2 times this week. But remember... balance.

7.Loves Husband:Oh and I do! But I know I need to pray for Peter more then I do. We pray for his protection every day. But I really want to start praying for more personal things. God knows...

8.Fears the Lord: This one was hard for me. I kept thinking, "How can I fear God more?" Then he spoke to me and made me realize the more I know about Him, the more this will happen. And I am not talking fear as in, there is this God that wants to destroy us all and see us miserable. No. He is a loving God. Just. Gracious. Forgiving. By fear I mean knowing my place in a way. Knowing how small I am in the big picture, and yet he still knows all about me. Knowing he is in control of my life, even if I don't give him control. So it makes sense that the more we learn about God, his abilities, his qualities, his character, the more we are able to fear and love him rightly.

I will stop here. I am sorry these are always so long. I try, but God is flooding my heart and mind with so much lately, it's hard to know where to start and where to end. I did find many more things in the passage that a virtuous woman does possess, like loves her children, resourcefulness, wise in her speech, not idle. But I don't have time right now. Maybe later I will touch on these.


  1. Soooo much to live up to, but sooo many rewards in doing so...what a blessing! Thanks for the thoughts and meditations. They are a blessing to THIS wife!

  2. I wish I could find that right balance between kids & housework - it's either feast of famine one way or another. I'm glad I have a God & a husband who are patient with me!