Peace. Peace. Wonderful Peace...

Words from the song ring in my ears over and over again. I struggle with peace. It's so easy to be overcome with worry, anxiety and nerves. I am naturally an anxious person. God keeps reminding me... even though it's so obvious... that he is in control. This morning, I was blessed with this verse.
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee...
This could not come at a better time.

My lack of blogging has not been a lack of God revealing himself to me, or a broken computer. It's been a lack of time. Due to the nature of this pregnancy, I am on restriction. Basically, I can only do the basics around here, which is making sure the kids are fed and dressed. That's pretty much it. No walks. No running around. So when I have a moment, I don't want to blog, but fold my towels.

It's been a big struggle. I am a neat person. I mean, not perfect, but I like my house to be a certain way. My wonderful, amazing, super AWEsome husband has been doing so much. He comes home from work and often just takes over. Whether with the girls or the housework.

As a wife and a mother, it is very hard for me to have my husband take over and not feel useless. But what is more important here? He can't carry this baby. God has given that job to me. And even though it may sound crazy, I need reminding of that.

We have had many close calls with this pregnancy. We really hesitated telling people. The deciding factor was me... I didn't want people to think I was just getting fat. I know... VAIN!

My reason for sharing that with everyone is that God is granting me a peace day by day when it comes to this pregnancy. I struggle, but quickly he reminds me that he knows this child's destiny and that no matter if I meet the baby here on earth, or in heaven, he will prepare me for it. I thank God for his goodness. I thank him and praise him for his omniscience. And I thank him for caring for me. Caring for my problems that may seem so small in the big picture of it all. He sees me through all the chaos.