Suffer the "Little" children to come unto me...

Samantha is a special little thing. Of course, all moms think this about their own children. She seems to have a somewhat mature look on certain aspects of life. One being life/death. I have been praying for salvation since she was born, but was surprised when the conversation came up so early.

Of course, we have been planting the seed in her mind and heart, but I really was cautious in the area of salvation, since I didn't want to risk her having doubts later on. But Samantha approached me and asked how she could be saved. Part of me was jumping up and down and another part was thinking, "she is too young." But then I remembered Christ's own words: "Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not..."

Who am I to say she is ready? I was able to have the greatest privilege a mother could have and lead my daughter to the Lord. We read many verses in the Bible and I tried to make sure she had a good understanding of it all. (Although, I am STILL learning everyday about my own salvation!) I had Samantha pray, with her own words and I don't think I heard a sweeter prayer.

I have really noticed a difference in her. Not that she is the perfect child. Not even close. But she has this understanding that she didn't have before. She wants to tell others about Jesus and she asks many questions about God. It's so exciting to see Him working in her already... and just 4 years old.

Samantha told me yesterday that she wanted to be a missionary. It's the first time I realized that this could be a real possibility for her life. I was so thrilled to hear it. Then, when she found out she could be a nurse AND a missionary... well, I think I heard the fireworks go off in her heart. :) I praise God for His goodness, His gentle hand, and His teaching.