Considering Biblical Principles: What to wear

Much of this blog will be quotes from my friend, Stephani, who has been a great encouragement and source of information during this time of change. She was kind enough to take the time in writing out a 3 page paper on what modesty is for her and where in the Bible we can get info on it. Thanks Stephani!

I want to focus on 3 Biblical Principles to consider when looking at modesty. First being, Distinction. We all have seen the sign on the bathroom doors. The little silhouette of a man or woman. Which door to go in? It's obvious to everyone, all over the world, that the men's room has pants, and the woman's room has a dress. God has made men and woman different, and despite the fact that the world seems to be fighting for "equality" and make us all the same, God wants us to rejoice in our differences. We are His creation.

Let's think of the dress code on a 1-10 scale, 1 = masculine. My husband will tell you that I HATE sweatpants. I won't let him even wear them. So let's say that's a 1. The scale gradually increases. You would have ladies jeans, dress slacks, Capri's, straight skirts, A-line skirts, jumpers... which I think jumpers are just about a 10. What I am getting at is that there are degrees of femininity.

Many know the verse in Deuteronomy 22 where God talks about women are "not to wear that which pertaineth to a man." I think the Scripture principle we can pull from this verse is distinction.

The second Principle is Modesty. OK, here's where I am going to be blunt and if you are offended, I apologize, but sometimes I don't know how else to be. We all know what men like. God designed a woman with curves. He designed men to LIKE these curves. That in itself is not wrong. I want Peter to love my body... and he does. :) (OK, TMI!) The problem is, lust and sensuality is the way of life now. And as Christian woman, we need to guard our brothers in Christ. What does this mean? Well, even though men should be controlling their lusts, that doesn't mean I have the right to go around showing off my goods.

We should not want to highlight the areas that God intended for men to enjoy... in the privacy of their own home. So if a pair of pants passes the distinction test, meaning they are feminine, they probably are immodest, especially with fashion now a days. I won't be adding scripture here because this is kind of straight forward.

The third Principle is Communication/Testimony. Let's be honest, whether we like it or not, what we wear communicates something. It may not always be accurate (ex. I could walk down the street in a long skirt, with a turtle neck on, but still have a heart that is not right. Or, I could be wearing a mini skirt, and a sports bra but really love the Lord, just not know any better.)

Philippians 1:27 reads, "Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ." Conversation in this verse does not mean talking. As Spurgeon put it, it is "the whole course of our life and behavior in the world." So when I get dressed, I need to be thinking, how is my dress representing the Gospel?

In my next blog, I will be bringing up 4 questions that you can ask yourselves in regards to modesty, or other issues, that help you sort our motives.


  1. I am reminded of the saying: "If it's not for sale, don't advertise." Don't get me wrong-it's NEVER OK to advertise...but I think it is a fitting statement for today's Christian woman. Great post and very thoughtfully written as well.

  2. "Think before you dress" - what a profound concept!