With God it is possible

As I came across this verse in the Bible, I was challenged to look at myself and see if I truly believe this. My mouth says that I do, but my actions show that I do not. Jesus said that if I really believed, I could move mountains. Where is my belief? What is my confidence in? Not God, because if it was, I could get through my daily challenges.

I decided, since I am a very simple person and I like lists, to make out a list of things that ARE possible. Things that I struggle with. Things that I don't give to God to conquer. Here are a few that were on my list:

1. My children can learn to obey. (We've had some days of struggle lately, and at times I feel like giving up. But God promises that our faithfulness will pay off in the end.)

2. They can come to the Lord. (I have a few people in my life that have no regard for God and who he is. I have been burdened to pray for them more because I know they still can turn to the Lord.)

3. I can make it through today. (I realize this is very general, but on those days that I had been sleep deprived the night before and I have a heap of laundry, I have been known to say out loud, "I am not going to make it today." But remember, with God...

I have some other ones on my list, a bit more personal. But I think this is a good start. I know now, that with God, I can do it, no matter what the task. Even move a mountain!!

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  1. I am going through something right now to this effect. I KNOW that because I have God, things that seem impossible are NOT because of God. What a blessing! Nice to see a post. :)