All in all

Once again, a song has touched me this week and blessed me with a better understanding of our Lord and Saviour. It came at the perfect time too. Funny how God works that out. During missions conference, two sisters sang and it was beautiful. I later found out that they had a CD, so we bought it. What a blessing. It's so nice to hear siblings sing together. I always loved singing with my brother because we blended so nicely.

One of the songs in called All in all. Basically, as the words state, Christ can be your everything. Backing up, the week before, God showed me this very thing! At time, people fail us. I fail my husband many times a day. And he fails me. We are human. But God is never failing. In my quiet time, it was as if God whispered in my ear, "I can be your husband. I can be your father. Your mother. Your friend." It was so comforting to know this. It's true. Where my husband may lack, God is there to be all I need. Christ fills me up.

Example: So I love Peter. And I knew who I was marrying. He is not very big on words. If you have ever heard of the Love Languages you will know what I am talking about. I am words of encouragement. I need people to TELL me things. Write letters. Give a call. Or say something nice in passing. Peter is not this way. He shows love to me in other ways. So I don't hear sweet nothings from him too often.

Last week, I was having a little bit of a down day. And one silly thing I was upset about was the way I looked. I just needed Peter to tell me I looked beautiful. I know he thinks that, but I wanted to hear that. Well, this woman at missions conference came up to me out of know where... I didn't know her... and she said, "You know, you are so beautiful." Of course I was smiling ear to ear. It was so nice to hear. But better then that, right at the moment, I heard that still small voice say, I can be your everything.

God used someone that I didn't even know to fill my void. I know this is a small example, but that week I had 2 other instances that the same thing happened. I was given what I needed, right when I needed it. I just pray I can be that tool in someone elses life.

The words in the song that has been blessing me say, "When I fall down you pick me up. When I am dry you fill my cup. You are my all in all." How beautiful is that. God promises to be all we need, and more! I definetly get from Him more then I deserve.

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  1. I love that song as well and had sung it numerous times at our former church. It definitely is a blessing.

    My husband is the same way. He is not the mushy gooshy sweet-talker, but I love the way that he shows his love.

    Good post...so nice to always read your thoughts and encouragement.