Why the heartache?

I think it's human nature to question God's motives in why He chooses to do things a certain way. I know that was my heart when we lost 4 pregnancies in a row. I was blown away each time that once again, my child that I already loved so much was taken from me. Why would God do this to me? But was I asking the right question? How about, what is God teaching me through this time?

My dear friend just lost her baby. Even though she only knew for a short time that this new life was growing inside of her, she loved this baby as if she already held it. She pictured the child already part of the family. She wondered who the baby would look like. Was it a boy or girl? She could already hear the baby's giggles resonate through her home.

God only knows why He made the choice to take this baby. I think most of us won't have all the answers until we are in heaven.

My heart aches with her and her husband. And as I tried to share some encouragement and comfort, the Lord provided this verse, as he has many times during trials.
Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort we ourselves are comforted of God.

I know that God took these babies from me to learn and grow in Him. The fact that I can be a comfort to others that are now going through the same tragedy blesses my heart. Of course, I would never want anyone to have to go through a miscarriage... or 4. But if I can pray and cry with them as their hearts ache, and maybe bring a little comfort because of what God taught me, I would go through those miscarriages all over again.

The big picture is not seen when you are in the valley. But when you get out of it, and climb to the top and see the beautiful view, you can start to get the bigger picture. I thank God for the mountain tops... and the valleys.

For those who are struggling in a trial right now, know that it will end eventually. You may still ache, but the comfort that God can bring is like no other. And if you seek His will, and avoid getting bitter, He will bless beyond your wildest dreams.


  1. Wow, Julie. You have been where we never dream to go...you have experienced so much pain. I didn't know that you had 4 miscarriages...I am so sorry. I am sorry to hear about your friend as well. So glad to see your posts on here again!

  2. Though the valley was slightly different for us, we can certainly understand and empathize with you and your friend who have lost a baby. You are right, we can take what we have learned and use it to comfort others and look to God who is the perfect and ultimate Comforter.

  3. You're a gem, Julie. Thanks so much. <3