Your faith is a crutch

I had this conversation with a friend the other day. She was not being hostile, or mean. She even stated that she wished she could have my faith, but couldn't help but feel that my faith seemed like a crutch. I once heard that Christ is not a crutch, but a whole new pair of legs!! Really, this world uses everything else as a crutch. Relationships, work, sex, alcohol, religion.... it could go on and on.

But what I have is REAL! And that is what is so exciting! I say, Christians are not WEAK for accepting Christ, but strong. We see that there is a spiritual need and we embrace the cure. Others try to suppress this feeling of fear and doubt and mask it with other things.

I told my friend that nothing I ever say could turn her heart to Christ. I know she struggles to get past all the miracles and stories of the Bible. And I told her that I struggle at times to grasp it all. But the difference is that I accept the Bible as the true word of God. I encourage her to read His word and let him do a work in her heart.

As for me, I am loving my new legs and am so thankful that the "Good Physician" cured me. :)

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